20:00 Arles – Dijon

Arles – Avignon lost only once in the first six rounds of the new season, but those relatively good results were followed by a sudden drop in the form of this team and now the hosts are on the rock bottom of this league, with only three points from the last nine games.

Reasons for this are unclear, but the fact is, that Arles – Avignon is team with weak defense and even weaker attack.

The hosts have a lot of problems ahead of this match – their leading goalscorer Larsen Toure (f/5) got injured and will join Garry Bocaly (d/0), Ziri Hammar (m/1) and Diogo Rosado (f/0), who are already injured.

In addition – Samuel Gigot (d/2) and Jonathan Zebina (d/0) are suspended and will also miss the upcoming game for the home team.

Bocaly, Gigot, Zebina and Toure are very important players for this team and I doubt, that Stephane Crucet will find a way to replace them successfully.

Unlike Arles – Avignon, Dijon have big ambitions this season.

In the matter of fact, the guests lost their last two away games in this league, but it happened against good teams like Troyes (0-1) and Angers (0-1).

The Reds will be without Johan Gastien (m/0), Jessy Benet (m/0), Jeremie Bela (f/1), Lois Diony (f/1) and Koro Kone (f/0), but only Lois Diony is a regular starter.

Dijon is team in better shape and with less problems with injured and suspended players, so I think, that the guests have better chances to win this match.

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