19:00 HJK Helsinki – Torino

Some bookies still ofering us odds higher than 1.80 which is something hard to comprehend. Oddly enough I think that anything above 1.70 is a bargain here.
HJK with 0 goals scored so far and they will mostly play for their honour and will try to take a point and 0-0 suits them well. Gambian attacking duo Savage and Kandji are just too powerless having in mind Torino's defenders Maksimovic, Moretti and Gilik who are performing on a constant high level and thanks to them the Italians kept 3 clean sheets so far.
However only 7 goals in Serie A and Quareglia and Amauri are yet to prove their abilities here.
Also, don't forget that game takes place in Helsinki, cloudy, rainy weather and temperatures barely above 0 degrees Celsius.

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