19:00 Efes Istanbul – Real Madrid

I still do not understand how Real last season not won the Euro League, but I think this season will be able to do it.

As in previous years, and these are also unstoppable in the group. They have all 4 winsa and the strongest attack in Europe!

Efes have 3 wins and 1 lose..thay lose home against Zalgiris. Efes is good , but not good enough to beat Real.

Thay have problem because one of the key player, Krstic, is injured..he did not play in the last game, and will not play today.

That is big problem for Efes,because they are much weaker in the paint without Krstic.

No need to writhe about Real team… they have a great team with Fernandez,Rodriguez,Llull,Bourousisa, thay have good bench and if Real play at 100% this can be much more convincing winn.

Last year this 2 teams play also in group:

19.12.13 EUR Anadolu Efes Real Madrid 61 : 86

13.11.13 EUR Real Madrid Anadolu Efes 103 : 57

Two easy winns ..away Real winn with 17 different. I would not be surprised if today we see something similar. For me winn with 6 different will not be a problem. Good Luck!

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