18:30 VEF Riga – BC Khimki

I watched the last match of Riga in the Eurocup … they are desperate to put it mildly, especially in defense.

Union Olimpija which had huge problems with the team in that game scored against Riga 83 points.

Riga have 1-4 score in Eurocup:

1L,at Khimki Moscow Region94 – 65

2W,vs Szolnoki Olaj71 – 61

3L,at Zenit St Petersburg84 – 70

4L,at Besiktas Integral Forex Istanbul88 – 71

5L,vs Union Olimpija Ljubljana74 – 83

They recieved a lot of points..Khimki scored in first game against Riga 94 points!

Khimki also winn against Riga in VTB league 96-87.

Khimki have score in Eurocup 3-2:

1W,vs VEF Riga94 – 65

2W,at Union Olimpija Ljubljana85 – 88

3L,at Besiktas Integral Forex Istanbul66 – 64

4W,vs Szolnoki Olaj98 – 84

5L,at Zenit St Petersburg89 – 86

Thay play matches with a lot of points…this is very important match for them because thay are 3th in group, and Riga dont have many chance.

I think Khimky in this moment it's too strong for Riga..they have much better team, in good form..they also have more motives for this game.

Riga dont have reason to play strongly defence. Khimky already score against Riga 94 and 96 pts..don't see the reason why not score over 85 today.

Good Luck!

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