18:00 Juventus – Torino

Juventus is the best team in the league ..especialy for defense. Only 4 recieved goals in 12 matches.
At home, they received 2 goals (both from Roma)
In the remaining four matches home they have not received any goal.
Against Torino, Juventus always play good, and most importantly not recieved a goal since the 2002:

23:02:14 SER Juventus Turin 1: 0
9/29/13 SER Juventus Turin SER 0: 1
28/04/13 SER Torino Juventus 0: 2
01:12:12 SER Juventus Torino 3: 0
07:03:09 SER Juventus Turin 0: 1
25.10.08 SER Juventus Turin 1: 0
26.02.08 SER Juventus Turin 0: 0
30.09.07 SER Juventus Turin 0: 1
05:04:03 SER Juventus Torino 2: 0
17:11:02 SER Juventus Turin 0: 4

So, in the last 10 Juve not recieved a goal against Torino.
Juve play strong strong defense, and for opponents is hard to score a goal.
Also Juventus is much better team ..when we look everything, the home ground, the quality, the tradition this bet is good and odd is perfect.

I am sure Juventus will winn, and i hope they will do it without received goal. Good Luck!

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