18:00 Belarus – Mexico

Friendly match between Belarus and Mexico.

Belarus have big problem for this match. They are without 6 player from 1st team (3 best player: Hleb, Bressam and Rodionov)

Also, Belarus have weak..in qualification for Euro thay have ony 1 point in 4 matches:

15.11.14EURŠpanjolskaBjelorusija3 : 0

12.10.14EURBjelorusijaSlova─Źka1 : 3

09.10.14EURBjelorusijaUkrajina0 : 2

08.09.14EURLuksemburgBjelorusija1 : 1

Thay play drew with weak Luxemborg. On last 3 matches Belarus recieved 8 goals..They fired coach, very bad situation it team.

Mexico will play with good team..they are quality team.They showed it at the World Cup (semifinal).

I think Dos Santos,Chicarito,Varela and rest team are much better than home team..and will winn easily tommorow, maybe with more goals different.

Good luck!

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