16:30 Siroki Brijeg – Drina Zvornik

For this match it is not necessary to explain a lot because a difference in quality is big.

It is enough to look postion on table:

1.Široki Brijeg -12 (8 3 1) (24:9) 27points

9.Drina Zvornik -12 (3 4 5) (11:15) 13points

Siroki Brijeg and Zrinski (2nd) lead the battle for the 1st place.. and both have 27 point, but Siroki one game less. Zrinsjki not winn yesterday agains Celik..they play 1-1, and this is big chanse for Siroki to winn and seperate little on table from Zrinjski and other teams.

Siroki Brijeg play very well on home court: all six winns in 6 games and goal difference 18-5. They defeat much better teams on home court like Sarajevo and Zeljeznirac who are belong to the top teams of the Bosnian football.

Drina Zvornik iz weal team and against Siroki thay dont have chance today. Home team winn , i' sure in that ..but i think that winn will be with more goal difference, and because i play handicap -1,5 on Siroki.

30.04.11 PRE Drina Zvornik Široki Brijeg 0 : 2

05.10.10 PRE Široki Brijeg Drina Zvornik 5 : 1

All is clear.. Good Luck!

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