16:00 Sweden – Russia

I must to try with this tip earlier because odds go down. I watched yesterdad to play, but this match was not offered.

Sweden and Russia will play in Karjala cup. These two teams know each other very well. They play this year in semi-final in WC when Russia winn with 3-1. Russia and Sweden surely belong in top 3 teams in hockey in Europe.

The very important information for this match: Russian KHL league will not make a brake during this tournament (Karjala Cup) and most important players will not play for Russia because they must play for their clubs.

Sweden will play with many players from World Cup..with a lot of experience and i think that Sweden with these team must be a favorite in this mutch.

And will be…for two days, on the day of the match. Odds now arre still good, yesterday were better..but 2,6 on winn and 2,10 on winn with OT it's ok if we look at the situation in these two teams.

Surely it's worth to try…and if some play this match better to play today because odd very fast go down. Good Luck!

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