15:00 Bari – Trapani

Bari are a team with great attacking skills and chaging Magnia with Nikoli is the right thing to do imo and will let them show their potential and wipe out the horrific performance lately.

Trapani area poor team imo. They were involved in many games where they had one man more but still culdn't manage to win them. Their form isn't great, although with good results. Their defence is really shaky, cnceding more than 2 on average which is quite much for this division.

Caputo and De Luka are players who can break it with gusto. Ciarramitaro and Scozzarella are absent for Trapani although with Manoscu on tp of the attack you can expec some trouble from them.

Fair odds for me are 1.80 here but I feel confident in Bari in their big stadium, with new mindset and new man in charge, facing a bad defence with two key figures gone.

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