14:30 Southampton – Manchester City

Southampton will host Manchester City today. This will be amtch between second and third team in league. Home team is playing really great fotball this year. Althought they sold their best player at summer they manage to find good replace for them and they are suprising second at the moment. Home they are playing great and they received only 1 goal so far. They have 5 wins and 1 draw. City is in third place. They have 9 points less than Chelsea but a game less too. With todays win they would come to -6. Even though Soton is at second place currently I dont think they can play in that way all the season and for me City is only team who can race with Chelsea for the title. For that they must win this game today. They have great players, they are plaing good at the moment, they won game against Bayern this week so I think they will win this one too.

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