14:00 Orenburg – Ural Ufa

Orenburg vs Ufa..Two teams from the bottom of the table

Orenburg 11th:

11. Orenburg 11 3 8 12:28 8

Ural 12th:

12. Ufa 11 2 9 15:30 6

Ufa away only 1 winn and 4 lose. Orenburg home 3-4 score.

For Ufa third hosting in this week..also, they have problems with injuries and they are little tired.

Ufa have 3 lose in a row,and Orenburg winn last match against Novgorod although they were losing 2-0.

Confidence for home team is now bigger, they play home and i expect one more winn form them today.

Good Luck!

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