14:00 Oldham – Crawley Town

Oldham plays against Crawley Town and this team is favorite on this match. They are in better form and I belive they win this match. Oldham have 25 points and they are currently at 9. position. Crawley have 19 points and they are currently at 15 position. Crawley Town have lot problem with injured players. Crawley have small squad with 20 players and 2 gk. In this match Crawley without: Simson (M 5/0), M.Elliott (M 6/3), Harrold (F 11/1), Oyebanjo (D 13/0), Dickson (M 8/0), G.TOmlin (F 9/0), McLeod (F 16/6 topscorer).

I believe in Oldham win.

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