13:30 Vive Kielce – Kadetten Schaffhausen

Kielce vs Kadetten..favorite in today match is not questionable. That is home team , only question is with how much different they will winn.

I decided to take over goals because Kielce is one very offensive team.

They are 1sy in the group:

1. Kielce Vive 6 6 0 0 188:162 12

Kadetten is 5th:

5. Kadetten 6 1 1 4 158:181 3

In first match these two teams play one fast game with 61 goals. Kielce won that match 28-31.

Today i expect more golas from Kielce beacuse thay play home..and i already say expect offensive game.

Good Luck!

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