13:00 L. Kubot / R. Lindstedt – I. Dodig / M. Melo

Masters semi-finals in London

For me is suprise Kubot and Lindstedrt..ok, thay play good..but I think this is the end for them.

They had a 3-0 in group, and Dodig/Melo 2-1..but last match for both doubles did not mean much because both are provided next round.

Dodig/Melo won 2-0 Nestor/Zimonjic and 2-0 Granollers/Lopez and lose 2-1 vs Bennetau/Roger-Vasellin.

Kubot/Lindstedt won 2-0 Bryan/Bryan, 2-1 Peya/Soares and 2-0 Rojer/Tecau.

In doubles everything is possible, but i think It would be too much to take 4 wins in a row against such a qualitative doubles.

Dodig and Melo are better doubles, a little more experienced..I do not expect an easy match, but expect to play well in key moments.

Good Luck!

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