12:00 Oceane Dodin – Ana Konjuh

We have a match between two very younger players. Croatian player Ana Konjuh are meets with Franch player Oceane Dodin

The 16-year-old Ana Konjuh is very talented player she is currently No. 90 on the world rankings. In 1st round she defeats A. Beck with 2-1 and in 2nd round she beat Witthoeft with 2-0 in the sets..

The 18-year-old Ocean Oudin is currently No.245 in the world rankings. She really can play some good tennis, but the fact that she is a bad ranked player. However she is in very good form in 1st round she beat Parmentier with 2-0 and in 2nd round she beat Piter with 2-0 in the sets.

The both tennis players have a good performance to this event in Limoges. For these reasons I recommend you to place a tennis bet on over 20 games.I think that line seems to be rather low because both players have a good form.

medium stake

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