11:30 Sharon Fichman – Saisai Zheng

Challenger Women in Taipei – Taiwan ( indoor – hard (Carpet))

The 23-year-old Canadian Sharon Fichman meets with Saisai Zhenf from China. The 20-years-old Chinese is a player with very good potencial antd there is no doubt that she will further improve her ranking next season. She is currently No. 97 in the world rankings. Saisai Zheg has powerful style of play a aand she has very solid serve , on other side Fichman is currently No. 129 in the world rankinsgs, she has never played in this tournament beffore while Zheng has played two times in this tournament ,she played in the first round in 2012 and last year played in the quarter final..

For this reason ,I bet on Saisai Zheng

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I'm really really lucky

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