04:30 LA Lakers – Minnesota Timberwolves

Lakers are not good this season, but i must play this.

Minnesota have big,big problems:

11/28/14 Nikola Pekovic C Wrist Out for Nov. 28 at L.A. Lakers

11/28/14 Ronny Turiaf C HipOut for Nov. 28 at L.A. Lakers

11/27/14 Mo Williams PG Illness Questionable for Nov. 28 at L.A. Lakers

11/25/14 Kevin Martin SG Wrist Out until at least mid-January

11/08/14 Ricky Rubio PG Ankle Out indefinitely

What to say….3 players from 1st team dont play: Rubio, Pekovic, Martin. Also, Williams is questionable..and he is maybe best player from bench.

I think Bryant, Lin, Boozer will have easy job tonight. If Lakers dont winn home against "this" Minnesota I do not know when they will winn.

Good Luck!

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