03:30 Houston Rockets – LA Lakers

A great bet here ! Dwight , one of the best centers in the league is playing vs the Lakers , his former team , with which he is not in great relationship.. Lakers get only 16 points per match from opponent centers , but Howard is a dominant figure vs Jordan Hill who is a great fighter , but he is naturally a PF and the height difference is 2 inches beetween the two if I am not mistaken. Lakers allow 56% shooting to opponent centers which is actually bad , but they played some teams that don't have dominant centers. And teams that had easier matchups elsewhere with their other options (but tonight Harden shouldn't have an easy job vs Kobe).. Dwight is at 18,8 points per match , but at 22,3 at home. Under on Harden on 27,5 margin is a good bet too but as I can write only 1 per match this one is my pick.

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Tipster with great experience. Mostly NBA , tennis betting. 11/16 on player points in NBA , tonight I give 4 players , don't miss an opportunity to take money ;)

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