03:00 Denver Nuggets – Sacramento Kings

Cousins have great game yesterday agains Clippers with 34 points. I watch that game and DeMarcus really play well, i think nobody can stop him when he play like yesterday. Ok, he can maybe have problems somethimes with personal fouls, but that is only resaon to not go over margin.

Tonight Sacramento play against Denver and i expect close game..and full minutes for Cousins like lastnight. Mozgov will be on him and McGee also..but Cousins is big player for them and this 23 points is not problem for him.

Yesterday he have 23 shots and 5 FT. With 20 shots tonight he can go over this margin i am sure.

Last game vs Denver Cousins have 26 points (8/16 for 2 points and 11/12 free trow) . Something like that we can expect again.

Good Luck!

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