03:00 Denver Nuggets – Portland Trailblazers

I will play again Aldrige tonight but margin is now bigger (24,5).

The reason for bigger margin is because Portland play against Denver and they are weak in defense..Lamarcus will have easy job.

Portland has played against Denver this season..and Aldrige score 28 points..and i expect abouth 30 and tonight.

LaMarcus play very well this season.

Currently averaging 23 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists per game.

Aldrige scoring:

Oklahoma 27; Sacramento 22; Golden State 26; Cleveland 16; Dallas 20, Clippers 21; Denver 28.

Good number..he took about 20 or more shoots ..and always is around this margin.

Do not expect a blowout..this should be interesting and close game and expect Aldrige to show again that he is on of the best PF in the league.

Good Luck!

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