03:00 Denver Nuggets – Portland Trailblazers

Denver Nuggets scored 100+ in last 4 matches and they lost all 4 so you can imagine how match points there was on the matches. Portland scored 100+ 5 matches in a row. Both teams are really highscoring , in H2H 6 out of last 10 were over this margin. Denver could get their first win in a long time tonight , the odds are dropping , but they will not do it by scoring small amount of points for sure. One of the reasons why the odds drop is that Batum will not play , and while Portland loses a lot , I would say they loose more defensively than ofensively because he can play great defence. So that is a good thing for the over bet because Lillard-Aldridge-Matthews are more than capable of making up for Batum's cut of points.

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Tipster with great experience. Mostly NBA , tennis betting. 11/16 on player points in NBA , tonight I give 4 players , don't miss an opportunity to take money ;)

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