02:30 Dallas Mavericks – Philadelphia 76ers

Well this is a bet on Joakim Noah not to score more than 10 points , if he scores exactly 10 it will be void. Joakim Noah is defensively the best center in the league , and he has his records and awards to prove it but in offense he is a 0 , he can't shoot he can't post up , he doesn't play a lot of P&R or anything. That is why he has 8,3 points per match. Today he should have little amount of points because he is guarded by defensively good center Valanciunas. And the fact that Toronto is second in least points allowed to centers in NBA (16 per match) is very encouraging. Denver for example gives out 27,6 per match to opponent centers. Rose , Butler , Pau should all have easier matchups and I just don't see how Joakim can have over 5-6 points..

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  1. Prusina says:

    I accidentaly clicked on Dallas-Philadelphia match , ofcourse this is from Toronto Raptors-Chicago Bulls match ! Sorry , fix it if you can.

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