02:00 New Orleans Pelicans – LA Lakers

Another easy home win expected here. New Orleans has a solid 3-3 start , they played some good teams. They have no missings so full squad is playing , they have some great players – Omer Asik at center , who is able to control the paint really well , especially against players like Lakers have. His backup is Ajinca (french international) and Young.. At power forward there is Anthony Davis one of the most dominant players this year until now , and he can destroy Boozer both defensively and ofensively. They have Holiday-Gordon-Evans 3 very good players that can score in double figures easily. Bench is also very solid with the lead of Ryan Anderson , and Lakers bench is just awful. Lakers are also b2b and that could reflect badly for them. Lakers are the team that allows most points 111,9 per match.

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