02:00 Giovanni Lapentti – Juan Ignacio Londero

This is a game that is played in the first round of the ATP Challenger tournament in the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil on clay court.Will play the domestic player Lapentti (ATP 323) and Argentine Londero (ATP 208) .What concerns Lapentti he was last season all the more rarely on the ground .In this season on clay has a score of 19/18 which is quite varieble.He is in bad series of four lose.On other hand Londero is the classic clay courter , which is generally the best in middle of season.He is quite variable this season and is currently on Almost from 19 / 16.H2H is 1-0 for Lapentti and in this game I think I can do Lapentti first set and match.

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