01:30 Toronto Raptors – Phoenix Suns

I watched only couple of matches from Phoenix , they are usually to late for me to watch so I didn't really catch up with who plays point guard , Bledsoe or Dragic , I suppose it is Bledsoe. But it is not very important because Toronto defends backcourt very well , both PG's and SG's. Bledsoe is at only 13,4 points per match which is much smaller than this margin , also both Dragic and him are a material to play under , both having smaller numbers when playing on road , Bledsoe is at 10,3 points on road in 28 minutes(3 minutes less in average than at home). Dragic is set at 16,5 and that is also a great bet (under). Toronto is allowing only 36,6 points to backcourt(combined) and 40% FG , 30% 3PT. Those numbers are just great. I chose Bledsoe because I have more thrust in Lowry then Derozan defensively.

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