01:30 Atlanta Hawks – Toronto Raptors

I see this as a really great bet. Toronto Raptors are at 12-2 and are playing great , but they are just not quality enough to keep up this run going. If not tonight , they will stumble very soon. Hawks are finally completely healthy which was not the case for most of this opening matches (Caroll was out most of the time) and they really do have great power with players like Teague and Horford , Korver the best 3pt guy in years already.. Raptors are without Tyler Hansborough , he is a very solid role player , but realisticaly speaking that is not a big problem for Toronto. All in all I expect a very exciting match and I see this margin a realistic option , on 4,00 it is great value.

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Tipster with great experience. Mostly NBA , tennis betting. 11/16 on player points in NBA , tonight I give 4 players , don't miss an opportunity to take money ;)

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