00:50 Luverdense – America MG

I will be heading once again to Soouth America where I see a quite juicy price in this fixture.

Luverdense's situation doesn't seem bright at all. Their defence was beaten by Portuguesa and Nautico, teams with lower attacking capacity than America MG. Reason for that is that bench is too short and the defenders whch are unavailable, will extend their absence. Important payer Misael announced his departure already and is highly unlikely to start.
America managed a nice 3-0 victory against direct rival for Serie A promotion and 4th place is only 2 points away with 6 teams battling desperately for big money and TV rights. Truth to be told, America are not the best of these but tomorrow they will go with almost same squad as last game, which as an optimal one with Raul and Hugo already in the starting XI.
The reverse fixture ended 2-0 in favour of America. Tomorrow I can see similar result as highly possible. Fair line is -0.25 here.

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