00:45 River Plate – Boca Juniors

After having relegated back in 2011, River quickly regained powers and this season looked really great for them. Well, few weeks ago there was a change of fortune and everything in Primera went down and after 30 games unbeaten, title looks really far now and only slipping from Racing may bring them on top again. However, they really don't seem to care. Sudamericana is on the line for them. What are the changes in their squad? Well, first we have much stronger River now. On Sunday they went with almost entire B team. And second, compared to first leg when Sanchez was out and Mora and Teo were not 100%. Now all three are looking to crush the big rivals. Namely these players were in the core of River's goals in Primera, avergaing 2 goals per game, something quite unusual in this country.

Boca on the other hand are in really great momentum now. Still, I don't think they have such quality to get +0.5 @1.95 here. I'd rather say this sould be 2.15-2.20. Also, we have to point that Chavez is out and he is definitely going to be missed.

And last but not least, taking a look back recently, we will see that River has been going quite hard on Boca, winning 5 of the last 11, losing only once. Funny, none of those wins was in Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti. Today seems like a great day to change that and 2.04 is a price I will take with great pleasure.

Enjoy the Supercalssico, folks!

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