00:00 Vila Nova – Abc RN

ABC plays today against Vila Nova. ABC is favorite in this match. ABC have 45 poinst and they are on 14 position on Seria B. They have 13 wins,6 draws and 17 lost match in this season

ABC have only 29 poinst and they are already relegated. Today ABC without: C.Alves (First GK), Gabriel (D 28/0), Rodrigues (M 29/2), Radames (F 28/2), Dimba (F 15/1), Bonilha (M 24/1), Angelo (D 4/0), Julio (D 3/0), Jeferson (M 14/0), Bispo (D 2/0), Daniel (M 2/0), Paulista (F 6/0)

I think ABC win this match

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  1. Shumar4life says:

    I’m sorry. Vila Nova without 12 players

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