Van Gaal CONFIRMS Manchester United's Next Signing

Louis Van GaalManchester United manager has perhaps confirmed the next signing for the club in the form of former Barcelona goalie Victor Valdes.
The Spanish international has been heavily linked with a move to Old Trafford in the past few days if he proves his fitness with many reports suggesting he will sign for the Red Devils.
The Ex-Catalan star has been spotted in Manchester United ahead of his move and as per reports Van Gaal has basically confirmed that he is the next signing.
When asked whether Valdes will be joining Manchester United, Van Gaal claimed, while smiling.

“Manchester United always has its eyes open to new players,”

Valdes will certainly improve the goal keeping depth of Man United with De Gea already there but why will he want to play as the second goalie after that experience at his disposal and being free to move anywhere he wants.
Victor Valdes UEFA Champions League

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  1. aloysious kukumba says:

    could be good signing for united try him.

  2. alaske usman says:

    being valdes as experience goal keeper will help de gea in one way or the other, so signing him will put the club in good shape when we come interms of man in the post

  3. Henry Katchule Chigulu says:

    Victor is not only experienced,but also deft enough to keep mesmerising strikers at bay, albeit, of late, Utd seem to venture into injury stricken stars!
    I wholesomely support the idea to deepen the bench for stiff competition.

  4. It will be a good signing…

  5. @gwens1356 says:

    Good, but y ur we more linked with ex-injured players mostly, valdes is good tho.

  6. Simon says:

    If United want to overtake Chelsea and City then they’ve gotta have a 2nd XI to match their 1st XI, Valdes can be to United what Cech is to Chelsea which is a keeper who is good enough to step in for the 1st XI without it being seen as a weak link to the team!
    For me United’s current 1st XI is as follows:
    De Gea
    Rafael Jones Rojo Shaw
    Herrera Blind Di Maria
    Rooney Falcao Van Persie
    That leaves us with a 2nd XI of:
    Smalling Evans McNair Blackett
    Valencia Carrick Fellaini
    Young Wilson Januzaj
    For me the 2nd XI just isn’t strong enough although if the rumours r true an we sign the likes of Valdes, Alves, Strootman, Hummels and Reus then we’d certainly be so much stronger with some of these players going straight into the 1st XI too!

  7. Ntulume James says:

    Valdes’ addition is a wise idea if we can let Lindergaard find greener land not to choke his talent.Long live Man U !

  8. Obi says:

    Valdes was poor for barca b4 he left for me we need a young but experienced keeper lets say in d spanish, german or french leagues to compete with De gea.

  9. Adamu Abdulrahman says:

    Good idea for me, so he is a free agent. My problem wit LVG is that is flush of players, Let keep d players we have and add more to them is better than selling players un-neccessary. If players go injured we don’t have good substitute to replace that player. D like of Evra, Vidic, Ferdinand, Nani, and Chicharito shld be around even as a bench, is more better than no bench.

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