Suarez was the Poetry & Liverpool are Just left with Motion

Liverpool Luis Suarez MagicianLiverpool knew the fact that Suarez was irreplaceable, but little did they know that Rodgers’ entire system was effective because of Luis’s magical talent upfront.
The merseysiders who finished second in the premier league last season now find themselves in 14th place after 6 league games.
Of the 9 games Liverpool have played thus far, they have only been impressive in one against Tottenham at White Hart Lane in August.
Since then, the Reds have been terrible to say the least. Very Lucky to win games against Ludogorets and Middlesbrough and by no means convincing.
With Champions League involvement, it is going to be a long season for Liverpool and injuries are a major possibility, hence the manager signed many stars to increase the depth and cope with it.
However, when the same situation has arrived, it seems that they are doing a Spurs with new players not fitting in well as yet.
For now Liverpool are missing their old boys Sturridge and Allen who are out injured but more than anyone else, they miss Luis Suarez.
The famous chant “Poetry in Motion” is not to be heard and from current performances it seems that Suarez was the poetry and all that Liverpool have left is motion as it was evident again last night.
Defense problem remains but what on earth has happened to the prolific attack. It will be wrong to say that Liverpool have totally lost the flow in their attack but it will be completely fair to say that there is no end product with Suarez leaving.
Balotelli and Sturridge were both effective when playing together against Spurs but as lone striker upfront, they clearly lack support and do not have the genius of Suarez to rip defenses apart on their own.
Rodgers is not the best defensive tactician around and fans are not even counting on the defense to save them which clearly seems clueless.
However, he is a brilliant attacking manager and has got to gel in players to get the best out of them upfront like last season. The question remains, can he do that without Suarez?
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  1. J Emmanuel Tokao says:

    If a club team is built around an individual,that team always faced immense difficulties in the”hero” absence.

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