Liverpool Lineup that Ripped Real Madrid Apart

UCLReal Madrid and Liverpool have collided three times in the European Cup with the merseysiders winning all the games.
The last time these two sides met in the Champions League was way back in 2008-2009 season when Reds were a European force under Rafael Benitez.
Liverpool won the Round of 16 tie 5-0 on aggregate winning 1-0 away at the Bernabeu and absolutely ripped Real Madrid apart at Anfield 4-0.
Gerrard, Torres and substitute Dossena were on the scoresheet on that memorable night but that was one quality team and Liverpool are not even in good form at the moment.
Here is Liverpool lineup that absolutely ripped Real Madrid apart. Gerrard and Skrtel are the only ones left with the Reds now.

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  1. the stig says:

    A thing of the past.

  2. asaniyan timilehin says:

    one thing i know to stop /avoid problems is to tackle the Cause # RM are known to be a running team from all their side they run but if you approach their defense twice surely they ll concede.
    My verdict is playing mass attack and mass defense to frustrate their game.
    My formation is 5-4-1 why? The extreme back will also force back through the flank and a lso instrumental to the mid field§ it s more or less 3-4-3 and we ll win in Jesus name

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