AGREED – Arsenal Manager Accepts Key Arrival

Arsenal Ramsey WengerMajority of the Arsenal fans still trust Arsene Wenger and firmly believe that he is the man to bring back glory days.
Almost, every single gunner fan would agree that Arsenal is bigger because of Arsene but their is a decent chunk that also believes that it is time for the French manager to depart.
Over the last decade, apart from the two cups, the North London club’s main achievement has been Champions League qualification every single season.
The inconsistency of Arsenal is now renowned as they only play well for one half of the season and the other is always a massive downfall.
Last season, at this time they were on top of the league, well they were on top even in February but then finished fourth after turmoil in the second half of the season.
Now, they are arguably already out of the title race despite spending decent sum and fans are losing patience once again with Wenger under more and more pressure as well.
Will he depart for sure at the end of the season, we shall see but perhaps the reports suggest that it might just finally happen.
According to reports, Arsenal manager has agreed for Real Madrid coach Paul Clement to take control of Arsenal as manager next season.
With only coaching experience at his disposal, Clement is surely not the name Arsenal supporters want to see in the running for the managerial hot seat when there are other top options around.
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  1. What about klopp, simione, n pepp

  2. sunny says:

    I prefer Simione, Pep or Klopp. If am to choose one of them, Klopp is the man.

  3. iddi says:

    klopp is the answer to arsenall problems.

  4. doctore says:

    I stopped reading when I got to the part of majority of arsenal fans still believe in Arsene,that’s such a lie

  5. Arsengooner says:

    I want a man who make us play da game as it is. A man who wl only understand and only be happy when we win not when we loose or draw. I want a man who will only smile after winning da epl and da cl

  6. wilson says:

    Let wenger retire in peace

  7. sundram says:

    Whether Mr.Wenger is around managing the team or not it is better that we have an ENGLISH coach never mind the experience. The English players are far far lower from the level of other national players by comparison. The best league is played in England and to bring about the local talent it starts with a local coach and Mr. Steve Bould and Mr. Paul Clement with the guidance of Wenger can bring a change in the right direction again since our debts are nearing settlement money would be avaliable to spend strengthening the squad.

  8. We don’t need a managerial change; we need the right players in the right positions

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