Walcott to Replace Santi in Arsenal Starting Line up

Cazorla ArsenalArsenal and England superstar Theo Walcott has been injured since last December and is set to return to full fitness at the end of September.
Without a shadow of a doubt, Walcott remains one of the most important players in the Gunners squad and sooner or later will be starting regularly once fit.
However, Arsene Wenger has now got so many playmakers at their disposal. Chamberlain, Cazorla, Ozil, Sanchez, Gnabry, Rosicky Podolski and even Ramsey, Wilshere.
The last two will most probably feature in the central midfield when everyone is fit and Ramsey normally gets the nod for his brilliant form but who will Walcott actually replace?
Considering Arsenal play 4-2-3-1/4-1-4-1 formation, playing him as an out and out striker is of little help as he is at his best in a free role, mostly out wide. Also with Welbeck and Giroud around, there is no point playing him lone upfront.
For now, Sanchez and Santi/Chamerlain take care of the wings with Ozil in the whole behind the striker when fit and he always seems to get the call being the record signing despite not playing at his best for a long time.
On the other hand, Sanchez is a world class player but needs some time to settle and is expected to start all the time. Hence it is likely that Walcott will come in to replace Santi in the starting line up.
In your Opinion, who will Walcott replace in Arsenal starting line up when he returns?
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  1. Abdulsalaam says:

    I think Carzola

  2. lango says:

    good,he should replace girud and sanogo

  3. nana agyemang says:


  4. Edgar says:

    Its open think that he will surely replace Santi. It will be Sanchez – Welbeck – Walcott upfront in most occassions. But I still expect Le Prof to feature Santi ,Campbell & Chambo in due process of the season or risk loosing Campbell during the Jan window.

  5. crispen says:

    How does walcott replace Santi??? Walcott is not a playmaker… Walcott should be competing with welbeck up top. We all know who will win that one. on the wing Cambell is better and given a few months Gnabry is better than walcott. Walcott does not come close to Sanchez.. Ox is also a much better option on the wings so Walcott will stay this year and play when he is not injured but we should put him up for sale while he still has value… Liverpool will take him.. Keep him while we develop campbell,Gnabry and Akpom and Afobe.

  6. Izuchukwu Okosi says:

    So in your HONEST opinion, Ozil has been a better player for Arsenal than Santi Cazorla? If you told me Angel Di Maria vs Cazorla: Choose one; then I would think twice!

  7. anthonyAkers says:

    He cannot replace santi who is a far better player than Walcott and Walcott can only play on the Wing when he has played in the middle he has been rubbish he shotl play on the right wing he has tremendous speed and can get some good crosses in for Welbeck who I think is a great signing for us and with the passes he will get from Ozil Gazorla and Sanchez will be our top csorer this season with at least 25 goals mark my words do me a favour and have a few bob on them to win the premiership or Champions league on come to think of it maybe Both Laughing eh wait and see and then wright back to me at the end of the season Cheers

  8. Arsengooner says:

    Accept the fact that Santi will be dropped. For me he is the best playmaker we have in the team and Wenger knows it but he is so afraid of making big decisons. We had the chance to sign 2 top quality stars for 2 positions we lack in but Wenger opted for his liabilities instead, Arteta and Giroud. Their time is up, thats the bottom line.

  9. HANDYBOY says:

    Walcott should replace no other person than ramsey

  10. Nangoye Isaac Julius says:

    I think Walcott should replace Ozil who at times too slow at the pace.

  11. Rahmeto says:

    Walcott is better to replace giroud and sanogo due their poor strike. Sanchez, welbeck and Walcott in front. Schesny,Ospina, Debuchy, mertisackar, Coscienly, Chamber, Gibbs, Arteta, Ramsey, ozil, wilshere, Roza, chamberlain, gnabry, cazorla, Campbell, zelalam, plus additional defensive midfielder and prolific striker. Forget two Frances.

  12. LOLpundit says:

    Walcott will not replace anyone in our starting line up if we continue to play with our existing formation. We play one winger on right and playmaker on the left. Sanchez has replaced Arsenal in our starting 11. Walcott may be used as Impact sub in this formation.
    If we decide to use two wingers then Walcott might take right and sanchez on the left with Ox and Podolski as their replacements.

  13. LOLpundit says:

    Ideal I would prefer the following. Our back 5 is pretty much static.
    Arteta/Flamini – DM
    Ramsey/Jack – B2B
    Walcott/OX/Gnabry – RW
    Sanchez/Polski – LW
    Giroud/Welbeck – ST
    We keep playing players in wrong positions to accommodate someone in the starting line. We should play players in their natural position whenever possible. Playing Jack and Ramsey together never works for Arsenal.

  14. Les Naidoo says:

    Walcott should replace Giroud or Sanoga and not Cazola

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