Manchester United to Finally Sign £36m Rated Superstar

Juan Cuadrado Colombia World CupManchester United earned a hard fought victory against the Hammers at Old Trafford to give home supporters something to cheer.
However, once again, the Red Devils showed signs of weakness at the back and in midfield and on another day West Ham could have equalized as well.
Surely, United have to sign at least one world class defender in the winter transfer window who will be the leader of the defense and command the line with authority.
Right now, there is no senior name and hence the organization and communication is not at the optimum level.
On the other hand, despite increasing the quality of their attack to a large extent in the summer transfer window, United are still looking to sign more attackers.
The Red Devils were linked with a move for £36m rated Juan Cuadrado in summer but the Fiorentina star stayed put after all.
According to latest reports, United are clear to finally sign the Colombian international as he looks for a better contract, one that he is not getting with the Serie A side.
Cuadrado was one of the top stars in the World Cup as he provided most assists in the competition and helped Colombia qualify for the last eight.
Capable of playing on either flank, Juan Cuadrado also has the abilities to perfectly play in a wing back position as well, something that Van Gaal likes in his 3-5-2 system. Whether he will revert to that system is another matter.
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  1. Obi says:

    Van persie doesnt instill fear in our opponents defence i fear for man utd get back chicharito or better still try out wilson, we need youth in our attack so as to able to wade of defence and midfield surging towards us.

  2. Paul says:

    At This Moment Man Utd Needs Defenders Not Attackers

  3. David Ademe Clement says:

    Somebody should tell me why Van Gal keeps on substituting Falcao instead of Vam persie. RVP dose not have force to threaten opponents defence but Falcao has the ability to take on any defence. Van Gal almost got it wrong yesterday and that would have been awful. hope him, Van Gal is not giving RVP special preference? because if it’s what He is trying to do then i don’t really think he is helping the club.

    • richard calderon says:

      Memo to Dave:
      Falcao is coming off a major knee injury!

      • Ricky Slater says:

        Well pointed out! Some people really don’t have a clue. As far as this article is concerned, Caudrado would be a great addition and maybe a replacement for the inconsistent and at time over aggressive Rafael. However, i agree United have to bring in one maybe two centre-backs in January. I doubt Hummels will be made a available, but thelikes of Ron Vlaar and Shawcross would be good additions!

  4. David Deco says:

    United only need defenders not attackers, We should sign defenders like Matt Hummel, and replacement for Vidic and fedenarnd

  5. James S. Wymon says:

    Man’utd whole problems is from the “DEFENSIVED” we need a strong defensive midfeder and a experience center back with strength!!! for example: thiago silva,sergio ramos,mat hummel etc…

  6. macdalys says:

    United do need a strong defensive midfielder and less injury prone centre backs. We hv four injury prone center backs at a very young age. That’s not good for the club b’cos that brings inconsistency.

  7. Akaaba Felix says:

    What can mke me happy now is that let me see a new world class defender and midfielder. Manutd for life.

  8. Bishop says:

    LVG his playing familiarity game between Falcao ans Van P because despite injury Falcao his still good in running than VP and Falcao is more dangerous than VP LVG should pls allow Facao to do his work

  9. sunkanmi owolarafe says:

    totally in agreement thatLvg is. playing some farmiliarity game with falcao.Rvp has lost the bite,the drive and the aggressiveness required in EPL.Falcao showed glimpses of. what he could do within the short time he was allowed.Pls Lvg should nt kill united.allow Falcao to play for united please.You could see the. way he shook his head in disappointment when substituted against Westham. Who is actually fitter,Rvp or Falcao?.Be the honest judge.

  10. julius olumodeji says:

    LVG should not selle Juan Mata.

  11. nosken says:

    Pls LVG is killing us now,why must he sit down wit a note book copying note,can someone pls tell him dis is not a class room,he shud stand up and put pressure on refrees and lines man den direct his boys wht to do on d pitch as d ball is been play just like Roberto martinez or Ferguson.he shudnt be sitting sitting always, again I start from the back,man united need a good and fast Goal Keeper,De Gea is so dull and can’t ever make a good goal keeper,always looses hope,we need 2experience centre defenders,den LVG shud stop taking away Falcao in a match,he is killing dat guy.rather he shud take away van persie pls,Play falcao always,he is d best ,No 9 in d world yet he has no Goal bcos LVG doesn’t give him dat trust,pls cud someone help me talk to LVG?

  12. Maurice says:

    Falcao has so far provided two amazing assist for Van Pesie- clinical assists without which RVP would still be searching for goals. RVP is lethargic of late while Falcao is aggressive and fast. Allow Falcao to play 90 minutes. Am pleased LVG finally agrees with us that a marquee defender is critical if Manchester should complete for honors

  13. calito18 says:

    Lvg is a confused man. Wat on earth was he thinking to remove a more mobile and aggressive striker and leave rvp on the pitch. He did same mistake against l/city wen he removed di maria and falcao and we lost that match. Rvp has lost the passion to play in the red jersey. Lvg has to start believing in falcao now. Let’s go for our former boyz, pique and showcross in January please.

  14. i b walson says:

    For me, the attackers are the problem of United. It’s high time Van Persie be restricted to 60-minute football. As it appears, there is no difference between Chicharito and Van Persie.

  15. Jefferson G. Johnson Jr. says:

    can somebody pls stuck some since into lvg head to stop substituting falcao instead of rvb did anybody tells lvg man utd team is a Dutch affair or family team no Mr.lvg man utd team is a team with a collection of best players who can put in gud work for the team no gud work no playing time ok if u don’t no dats us the utd fans. falcao is a prolific attacter dat world class defender afraid off not rvb. pls stop wht u doing lvg,and to not forget to manage man utd u don’t have to put file under ur arm as a study class teacher OK. all we need is aggressive defender like Hummel,pique,Ramos,pepe or Silva and gud left back and goalkeeper not de gear tnx.

  16. nigel hill says:

    You not think his current lack of effort could be down to being replaced by falcao (to be) and lvg behaviour/attitude in general. For last 3 seasons 3 managers all was good he scored plenty then bOom nothing? Doubtful

  17. CYRIL says:

    Falcao is a far better striker than RVP which is sad to say but true, LVG needs to stop replacing him all the time cause it destroys his confidence . Last week LVG did the same thing by taking out his two attacking players in DI MARIA and Falcao personally LVG is a joke , Man u need to get two world class central defenders to compliment our attacking midfield and strikers (ROONEY & FALCAO) sorry RVP nothing personal but you just do not have that fire anymore , United for Life.

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