Rumor: Liverpool's Balotelli Kicks Player & Gets Subbed

Mario Balotelli ItalyThe Mario Balotelli conundrum has started all over again as rumors suggest that the Italian striker has kicked a wolves player in closed door friendly and got subbed off.
Former Man City and AC Milan striker has been criticized heavily for his immature behavior on the football field but many Reds supporters thought that Brendan Rodgers can fix him. Hopefully that will still be the case.
A picture has been posted on twitter in which Balotelli seems arguing with the referee and a Wolves player is holding his head.
The news has taken over the social network quickly as it has been claimed that Mario has kicked the player in the head and was taken off immediately after that.
There might be nothing true as another spectator says that
Balotelli incident wasn’t even that bad. Both players went for the ball then he got subbed, media make a big deal out of everything. Clipped his ankle when both players went for the ball, nothing bad like what’s being reported. Any other player and it wouldn’t be reported
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  1. YNWA says:

    To be honest, i’m glad it is being reported… Bad publicity is good publicity at the end of the day! Liverpool were the most watched team last year, their attacking football style coupled with Suarez made them a neutrals delight! More exposure means we can grow as a club! I can’t see Mario doing anything as bad as biting a player, so as far as Liverpool are concerned, it shouldnt get any worse than that! Even Suarez biting gave Liverpool a few extra million viewers around the globe – Mario I hope will do the same! “Mario fantastico, Mario Magnifico… Ole Ole, Ole Ole”

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