How Chelsea will Line up with Diego Costa out Injuted

Loic Remy ChelseaNot so long ago, there were reports that Chelsea star had a hamstring problem that will prevent him from playing against Everton.
However, he did play against the Toffees and scored two goals as well. Now the Spanish international has suffered the same dilemma again and might not play next game for the Blues.
The Hamstring issue is a delicate one and Mourinho must ensure that his superstar striker recovers well with proper rest. Hence it will be fair if Costa missed the next two games against Swansea in PL and Schalke in the Champions League and returns for the all important tie against Manchester City.
The question is, who will take Costa’s place in the starting line up in his absence. The most likely answer is Remy.
Remy’s goal secured 1-0 win for his nation over Spain lately and expect 36 year old Drogba to play a role from the bench again.
New signing is a proven premier league goal scorer and had a brilliant last campaign on loan with Newcastle.
Here is how Chelsea will line up with Diego Costa out injured.

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  1. Patrick Sunday says:

    Where are the line ups?

  2. Unionjack says:

    Lineup seems about right although I like seeing Willian at the Bridge and Schurrle away as teams that come to the Bridge close ranks and Schurrle isnt the best at playing with his back to goal. Id also maybe get Felipe in for Dave to give him some time but no bad reflection on Dave as hes playing great.
    We really dont know whats going on with Costa yet and only he and the club knows so we cant second guess what the craic is but Id still want him in the CL if he could manage it. (Wouldnt push it tho)

  3. Richard Adedapo says:

    It is sad that we will miss Costa so early in the league but I am happy that we have Loic who I am sure will like to prove himself. With our dynamic midfield attackers and Fabrigas at their best. Wishing Costa a quick recovery. Up Blues 4 life.

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