DONE – Manchester United Finally Complete Midfielder Deal

Tom Cleverly Man UnitedManchester United may have not signed a top quality central midfielder in the form of Arturo Vidal this summer yet there is some good news for the supporters.
Even when the Red Devils do not have that much quality or depth in the midfield department, the fans are delighted that midfielder Tom Cleverly has left on loan to join Aston Villa.
The England international has joined Aston Villa on a season long loan and the United faithful hope that he stays there for long.
As per the provided link, the deal was struck very late on the deadline day and it was feared that the move might not be completed.
However, the premier league board passed the move and Cleverly is Aston Villa player for at least one season.
Tom started his career brightly under the management of Alex Ferguson and his performances earned him a new four year contract back in 2011.
The praise raised to an extent that even the supporters were claiming that Cleverly might replace the legendary Scholes.
Sadly that was not the case, he should have been sold instead of the brilliant French star Paul Pogba.
Nevertheless, better late than never. Manchester United and Cleverly part ways for now and Red Devils have the likes of Fletcher, injured Carrick and Fellaini plus new signings Herrera and Blind to play in the midfield department.
Fair to say that the department lacks depth and top quality but still will do without Cleverly.
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  1. Jacob,Uwem Ini says:

    Y Sale Tom Cleverly?Fletcher should av been sold rather

  2. cute money says:

    Nice one…

  3. 7hawk says:

    Fans are very fickle. Cleverly was a mainstay in the England team. A first choice in united midfield. Has one bad season and has been written off. No player should be judged on what happened under Moyes who destroyed everyone’s confidence and ability with his sub par training, tactics and man management. It’s going to take more than a preseason to put right Moyes’s mess.

    • BD Condell says:

      Cleverley has never had a good season. “mainstay of the England team”? I’d accuse you of winding us up but it actualy sounds like you’re serious there. Unbelievable!

    • BD Condell says:

      OK, now I’m scared. 18 people have liked that comment and that is seriouysly frightening. Where are the readers of this site from…….the twlight zone?

    • Gordon Tan says:

      Mainstay? Except for a good performance with Anderson on a Charity Shield match, his performance was atrocius to say the least.

      • Gordon Tan says:

        He would always pass sideways or backwards. The players he passed to always got thr ball in difficult position with nowhere to go. Compare his performance with Pogba. Pogba passing was good. Pogba should have be given more chance at MU.

  4. Gabara says:

    This is good for him. Good luck young man.

  5. malcolm says:

    Cleverly never was a good player. He got carried by fergie and other stars in the team. Now that the cracks are showing we see his true colours. He isn’t man utd quality and never will is Danny welback. Good ridence to trash. Just because you grow up in Manchester it doesn’t mean you have a right to play for man utd.

  6. Don Cosby says:

    Man United, should have sale Tom Cleverly out right then loading him. And we should buy box to box midfield l

  7. Isaiah aizzy says:

    Mainstay? He has never! He should have been sold outrightly instead of sending him to aston villa on loan. Tank God man utd didn’t sign vida – he is been injured again. Up LVG

  8. meshack mogaru says:

    let him go, am hapy

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