DONE – Arsenal Complete $15m Superstar Deal

Arsenal FCArsenal registered third straight draw in the premier league as the game against Manchester City ended in a 2-2 stalemate.
Gunners did dominate the proceedings for most part of the game but defensive mistakes cost them badly.
New signing Danny Welbeck was lively but could not get on the score-sheet. The striker had a golden chance in the first half but only inches away from a goal.
Talking of strikers, according to reports, Arsenal have completed $15m deal to sign Barcelona youngster Munir El Haddadi in January.
The 19 year old youngster had a brilliant last season in Segunda as well as UEFA Youth League as he netted 15 goals and provided 6 assists in 21 appearances.
The eye catching performances earned him a place in the Barcelona first team and he impressed by scoring on his debut.
However, for now the youngster plays because Barcelona’s record signing Luis Suarez from Liverpool is suspended. The moment he returns, Luis Enrique will have no other option to make Munir warm the bench.
Although getting on and off chances at the age of 19 that too for Barcelona is by no means bad but if a club can offer him first team football then it makes all sense to move.
Whether or not Arsenal can, they have moved quickly and as per the provided link, gunners have met the release clause in Munir’s contract and will seal his capture in the next transfer window.
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  1. Why can’t Joe cambel get a chance to play in the team?
    Aw should have brought a striker early to gel with the team lukaku would have been perfect balotelli another good 1 why do we want to compete with man u for 7 position we need a good striker our defense is questionable we need to win the bpl and with our current team I can not see us winning sorry to say

  2. Angelo walker says:

    why was cazorla left out? What’s the use of Rosicky, Diaby, Campbel? they’re ever warming the bench

  3. nigel hill says:

    Sad to say but wenger doesn’t know anything about forwards or defenders he will keep buying midfielder which we can’t afford to do anymore due to limitations on squad sizes! I can’t see him getting sacked so nothing will change unless someone else takes control of purchases which aint gonna happen cause wenger has stipulated in contract he controls all team matters 🙁 I am really grateful to wenger for what he has done for our club I think he is one of best coaches and man motivators in world but games aint won in midfield like they were we need a balanced team with quality in each area of pitch! Saying that we aint far off we need a holding mid a solid cb and a forward who can score regularly! Welbeck may be that forward but as wenger said if he had been in london we wouldn’t have signed welbeck! Says it all really

  4. sunny says:

    That guy Wenger is too comfortable at his job and has made him not to feel and reason with anybody. If a layman on the street can see the problem with the I wonder why a coach of Arsene Wenger calibre can’t see what am seeing. Before the summer window we all know that what the team is lacking is a natural defensive midfielder, aggressive defender and a natural goal getter. How come he did not buy any with the money on ground? Wenger! Shoulder please go, he has tried and over stayed his welcome. He does not have plan B, he does not make change on time, he can’t read the game properly and he does know how to buy good players anymore.

  5. Andy ball says:

    Arsene knows nothing about strikers? He signed Anelka, Henry, Alexis, Welbeck

  6. Les Naidoo says:

    Wenger should go.He knew before hand that we needed players in certain positions but he failed miserably.
    Just look at all the other managers of the top clubs.They bought players to strengthen all areas and that is why they are doing well.It seems that the fans opinions and feelings do not matter.All that arsene and the board is concerned about is making huge profits

  7. fuhrer says:

    It is without much argument that I say that as long as wenger is still there as the manager, nothing really good ll happen to arsenal…playing boiz don’t work anymore…they win u games, they dnt win u silverware…can anyone in this house try to compare arsenal’s team with that of chelsea? We keep on saying our midfield is definitely the best, maybe I would say,try nd get a rethink of that…can any of our midfielders be compared with fabregas? Ozil is playing like shii,but wenger prefers him to rosicky,campbell nd even diaby..actually, we have over rated our team so desprately that when they start fcuking up, it lives us disappointed…I feel my team is not that better of than tottham’s team or even everton’s…lemme ask, which of our players presently can easily make the 1st 11 of the madrid team,maybe sanchez would, aside sanchez, who else? Non.maybe until we start buying big tall nd very strong players, maybe then we can begin to dream of winning the EPL

  8. sol says:

    Oh AW! AW is an old text book author whose excellent content of yesteryears is now successfully revised by opponent club managers with far better understanding of the modern game of football. At 64 years, AW is not too old to do better than he is doing; its his foolish stubbornness making AFC fail to push to the top of the BPL. Period! Mark my word, AFC will win the BPL if AW changes his attitude towards club fans and listens to some of their genuinely correct opinions on players/positions to fill or he quits, leaving room for a better and, winner-mentality oriented manger.

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