DONE – Arsenal Agree Superstar Midfielder Deal

Arsenal FCArsenal made a torrid start to the new season and their only impressive performance came last weekend against Aston Villa.
The Gunners did secure top signings in the summer transfer window however they could not reinforce two key departments i.e Defense and Midfield.
They let captain Thomas Vermaelen depart for Barcelona but did not sign a cover central defender and for now fullback Calum chambers is utilized at times as CB. With Debuchy out injured, the youngster is playing in his preferred right back position.
Wenger does have some quality central midfielders at his disposal but lacks a top defensive midfielder and that is not helping the defense either.
Arteta is by no means a decent holding midfielder but more of a deep lying playmaker while Flamini is not at his best either. Hence signing a strong defensive midfielder is a must.
In the summer, Arsenal were linked with the likes of William Carvalho of Sporting CP and Sami Khedira of Real Madrid and it seems that the latter will be joining the North London side soon.
According to reports, Arsenal have already agreed 14 million Euros deal to secure the signing of Sami Khedira in the next transfer window.
The mentioned price is a total bargain for one of the best DMs around but Madrid may have to settle with that in January and Khedira is in no mood of extending his contract that will expire next summer.
Whether or not Khedira will be cuptied in Champions League next winter is another matter but he will be major coup for the Gunners given that other top clubs are also interested in luring him. A player like Sami will surely fix Arsenal’s midfield dilemma.
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  1. Alemayehu Bokan says:

    I strongly agree that he is the best addition to Arsenal team.

  2. mustapha hadji says:

    Good for the team if so

  3. Rastus Arum says:

    Cavalho,Khedira,Wanyama,Schneiderlin,Song,……………………….the list is endless!.I think Prof. is never serious about fixing this department and if he is ,i will only believe once we get a really good DM.I don’t mind any of the above except proberbly for Song who bought already.WENGER,Don’t fool the fans please.
    Gunner by Birth

  4. Samedoo says:

    Lets hope it does not end up been a rumour.

  5. Sam Yari says:

    Story! Story!! Story!!! “Once upon a time, there was……………..”.

  6. meshack onderi says:

    please Pro. Wenger sign victor wanyama forget the plis do you understand sir period

  7. bonaroca says:

    Bonaroca: Khedira is definitely a class player but from information he is very prone to injuries something which Mr Wenger’s team can’t afford to have. In my opinion he should not be on his list. At least at face value Carvalho
    or someone such as Ginter could be the players Mr Wenger should go for. But apart from that Arsenal need another top quality defender, those two positions that are the weak link in this Arsenal team.

  8. TAJ AZIZ says:

    Arsen wenger is a liar and a cheat regarding the fans buying tickets

  9. sunny says:

    Wenger is the funniest coach I have ever come acrossed in my whole life. This is a coach who does not know how to fix a problem in his team. To me, Khedira should not in any way come near Arsenal team, because of his history with injury. An ambitious coach should have settled the central defense and defensive midfield problem for a very long time. Arteta and Flamini should have been sold or let go in the just concluded window. Arsene Wenger, to me has passed his usefulness to the team. A good coach that knows his onions will go for a no nonsense holding midfielder like William Carvalho or Wanyamah. Both players are not cup tied by January.

  10. Prince Joe says:

    Please Wenger, forget Khedira and go for injury-free player, are you caused to be having injured players always? Please discard this player from your plan come January transfer windows. Why build a mount of investment for your share holders and allow your profession to be dragged by those stingy and greedy Stan, Gazidi and co. Enough of this gambling at Emirate year in year out.

  11. Mannix says:

    The best holding or DM to go for is either Alex Song though I doubt if he is still the Song we used to know or Wanyama if it is possible. This guys are strong and injury free players.

  12. ojo b sunday ojo says:

    I dey laugh,ahahahah,mr AW has just won 3 cups now : Com shield,FA and our always 4th position.The heavier burden on his neck now made simpler,trust him,he may spend 9 more yrs trophiless again,those board members also dash him £s and $s on their way smiling to bank$ and from their swollen pock£ts full of mon€y$,trust the most austere and economical stingy man.He is getting too old now and less he cares about his coaching career since he has lot more careers practising,trust the commentator and multi-linguist,lol !!

  13. Sanya Vitez says:

    Its now written ‘done’ but when it now comes to reality nothing done. Lets make sure that he land in Emirates early January.

  14. lango says:

    i want,i will sign,we have secured ,i was about to sign,we missed,summer,winter,monsoon……we r used to arsenal stories.all those good players will go elsewhere,
    21 yrs and bellow,maybe.quality and experienced players…..NOT wenger.

  15. james says:

    wenger only want the fans to be happy but i know they haven’t agreed on anything yet.
    and if am to be wenger i will go for wanyama because he is familiar with the league and is a very good DM in premier league,so don’t be fooled by wenger
    let the player first reach at the emirates,then we will be sure that the deal is done.

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