Man United all Clear to Complete €45m Superstar Signing

Juan Cuadrado Colombia World CupDavid Moyes broke many records with United for all the wrong reasons and his successor has nor started in the worst possible fashion.
Manchester United suffered a shocking home defeat at the hands of Swansea in Louis van Gaal’s first premier league game.
Suddenly the mood at Old Traffod has changed again, perhaps very similar to David Moyes era and United now desperately need new superstar signings with not much time left in the summer transfer window.
The Red Devils have only secure two major stars this summer in the form of Luke Shaw and Ander Herrera.
Now, even Luke Shaw is out for a month and United are short of top quality players not only in defense but also in attack.
Transfer speculations are doing no good to cheer up the frustrated United fans who have been waiting for key stars to arrive.
One of those stars in the lime light is Colombian and Fiorentina playmaker Juan Cuadrado and once again the latest reports show positive signs for Manchester United.
According to reports, Man United are now all clear to lure Juan Cuadrado now that Barcelona have dropped interest in the versatile attacker.
The €45m rated star has been heavily linked with Man United since the end of the World Cup and United should not waste any more time in securing his signing.
Although it was just the first game of the season but the panic is huge as United really lack quality as compared to their rivals.
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  1. Thaddaeus says:

    What at all is the reason for this long period of no signings. Is it because the players don’t fancy Utd or their teams don’t want to let them out or Utd are only trying to make a fool of us the fans with those rumours all the time without any positive outcome?

  2. Agama idoko says:

    They shall try and get the deals done!

  3. Bakata henry says:

    We tired of hearing this stories of Man united , man u have interest in this ,or man u is about to sign this we are no long interested in this rumors it in fact is frustrating for as funs

  4. Vincent says:

    I will really like to knw what david gill(dg) & alex ferguson(saf) r doing refusing to help out in ds transfer bussiness with their experience i am really fed up with d rubbish manu hv gotn themselves into shame!

  5. Eric says:

    The only two common denominators between last year and this year are the owners (Glazers) and the CEO (Woodward). If anyone was to try to determine the underlying cause of the poor showing in the transfer market for both years, these are the two areas one should consider first. If it is the Glazers, United fans should expect no changes to happen until the Glazers do the honourable thing, admit their incompetence and sell their majority interest. If it is Woodward, he should surround himself with more competent negotiators or the Glazers should get rid of him. I just wish that whatever the cause they get it resolved soon so that United can return to winning ways.

    • Allan Smith says:

      The common denominators are both Glazers and Woodward, i believe it was nothing but Media hype that man U had $200m to spend, did you ever hear Woodward say it, tell me why did the Glazers sell shares to raise 87 million, , if they had $200m , did they spend the earmarked cash thinking that Luke Shaw and Herrera were gonna be the players enough to turn around this team, sack Woodward and the Glazers need to fall on their own sword, we are turning into a Mid Table team, they lied to LVG to get him here then told him to do what he can with what he has, now after Saturdays game they see how bad we are the panic is on, it is all too late, we are gonna be like Liverpool if we do not move right now, it could be years of mid table ridicule

  6. Mathei Jook says:

    We united fans we re ashamed of our lovely team make fake record always n our Boss don’t want to change de statitustion of our teams by bringing new n strong defenders while always telling lies to us abt impossible players like Avidal,is he a only player in de world,pliz let de our do something which can change de united weakness,we re tired of rumors.

  7. Sunshine shaynos says:

    What is it with the people who comment withing these convos, your English is absolutely poor.
    Get Woodward out and hurry up and sign
    And decent defenders for god sake, our defence is poor and sod waiting for Strootman hurry up and get Vidal.

  8. con hayes says:

    yes its time to act VDG. IIssue the ultimatum to man united board that should they fail to sign some new
    quality players he would walk immediately. We were told man u had over 200 million sterling to spend on quality
    players and it looks now that this was false. Where did the 80 million they received from the sale of Ronaldo go.
    Look they don’t appear have any money to spend and these statements by Woodward he can break the bank
    to bring in new players are false and nothing but lies. In the name of god Woodward go before you destroy this great club. May be bring the Glaziers with you. My head is wrecked from these false rumours which are occurring
    daily from the press..Enough is Enough. Man u don’t have the money and will some body tell the truth and dont
    lead the fans up the garden path. Where is the money going. I will tell you back to USA and not being invested
    in players. Just wait for another 12 to13 days and see who was telling the truth.
    This is a sorry saga for the 2nd year running.

  9. I hope this could be true about Jaun Cuadrado. Becuz the lies had filled our stomach. I lost 12’000 Liberian Dollars in bet becuz I was sure of Man United winning the game. I took the risk when united was behind 1-0. For me, I trust united we will make it to the end. It just the matter of bringing in quality players in the team… Mr. Woodward pls. don’t delay with transfer, no time is in our favour bo go at head n do what you can do to get the team back on flight. We are one united!!!

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