IMAGE: Arsenal Remove Fabregas Banner From Emirates

Cesc Fabregas Arsenal MilanChelsea signing of Cesc Fabregas was never going to be taken lightly by Arsenal supporters and for obvious reasons Arsenal have removed Fabregas’ banner from the Emirates.
When Arsenal moved to the Emirates Stadium after the final season in Highbury 2006, Cesc Fabregas was just a teenage star.
The young Spanish midfielder served the gunners for 8 long years before departing to his boyhood club Barcelona. In that time, he became a superstar and club captain as well.
Arsenal supporters treated him as a legendary figure and always wanted him to return one day.
It was supposed to happen this summer but Wenger did not want Cesc back with Ozil and other stars already covering his place.
Hence, the Arsenal hero had no other option but to choose from the clubs who were interested to sign him and in the end Chelsea lured him.
Here is the image of that Cesc Fabregas banner at the Emirates Stadium that has now been removed.
Cesc Fabregas Arsenal Banner Emirates

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  1. Flo says:

    Because he forced him self out of the club when we needed him most so when things didnt work 4 him now he wanted to come back! Listen en listen good our club (ARSENAL FC) is not a dumpestpit when u feel like walking out and coming in we have rules en regulations so let cesc deal with it

  2. Cool J says:

    Cesc, took a nice decision for leaving Arsenal
    and a wise decision for joinin Chelsea, he wanted to win silver wares whilst Arsenal were not investin in the team at the time. and when he wanted back Mr Wenger refused. what was he supposed to do.just sit back at Barca were things were not movin well..
    . noooo. I respect ya decision Fab.let Arsenal fans deal wit it not you. wish u best of luck at Chelsea.

  3. Bacary says:

    well, the reaction by we the arsenal fans is not surprising..we are very passionate about the club. sentiments aside, cesc took the right decision. wenger would have loved to take him back but cesc is surplus to requirement now because all his possible playing positions are well occupied by good players, wenger wount be doing the club good by signing him back with a huge sum only for him to be a bench warmer and in turn wont help Cesc’s depreciating form. So cesc has to find a team his service was needed and thats chelsea. left for him, his desires was always to return to hia beloved Arsenal, we the arsenal fans should consider all these.

  4. Augustine Idoko says:

    cesc fabregas hmmmmm what will i say you did your best for us you rose through the rank from a teenager to become our beloved club captain at arsenalfc but remember life is a rollercoastal things changes am not angry at the fact you have sign for chelsea its football i wish you well but for we arsenal fans keeping your banner in honouring it is not proper no more we can’t instead we will keep the ones who were so loyal to our club just imagine messi leaving barcelona for real madrid what will the barcelona fans do continue honouring me i doubt that that is the same thing we are doing now fabregas is now history ozil now is the future life goes on God bless Arsenalfc

  5. Arsenal dont want him,dont need him,but is,nt there something in his Barca contract giving Arsenal some part of his sale fee ? I dont remember the exact wording of it but sounds like good business by Venger to me,either way I think he will rue the day he did’nt join United when he had the chance !!

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