Robben Dived But the Penalty Decision was Spot On

Arjen Robben Bayern CLBayern Munich and Dutch winger has that reputation of going down way too easily and earn fouls cheaply.
Once again, it was a penalty won by him that earned Netherlands a very very late victory in the R16 World Cup match against Mexico.
Much has been debated on the social networking sites about whether the penalty decision was right or not, whether Robben dived or not.
The debate can go on and on with different opinions. In ours, the penalty decision was spot on as Robben was fouled but yes he did dive as well for obvious reasons.
Arjen Robben Netherlands vs Mexico
Robben did go down easily on numerous occasions and deservedly got nothing in his favor from the referee.
However, in the injury time, he was clearly fouled by Marquez, although not enough to bring him down but still FOULED.
Anywhere on the field, that would have been a foul for mistimed tackle/obstruction without any drama, but well, in the penalty area you normally don’t get the decisions unless you FALL.
Robben did the rest, a little too theatrically but perhaps he could not help it.
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  1. Ola Ayobami says:

    Robben is known for this kind of thing.

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