No Ban! Try Something New for Liverpool Star Luis Suarez

Cavani Suarez UruguayUruguay’s win over Italy meant that the Azzurri crashed out of World Cup in group stages for the second successive time.
Diego Godin’s late winner sealed all three points for the South Americans who qualified as group runner ups behind high flying Costa Rica.
However, Uruguay may as well suffer a major setback before the Knock-out rounds as star striker Luis Suarez is found in yet another controversy.
FIFA will investigate an off the ball incident during the game where Suarez seems to have bitten Italian and Juventus defender Chiellini.
The Liverpool talisman was single handedly responsible to dismantle England scoring twice a few days back. Against Italians, he was a frustrated figure mostly because of Azzurri’s rigid and solid defense.
Football’s governing body are likely to hand Suarez a hefty ban which will probably mean that his World Cup might be over.
However, For some reason, bans and fines have done nothing to help Luis Suarez’s controversial side. Some players have that habit of headbutt, pushing, elbowing opponents to an extent but Suarez case is baffling. It seemed that he did nibble Chiellini and then immediately realized what he has done and acted as if he is hurt.
To fix Luis Suarez’s biting problem for good, something new should be tried. Not to forget he served 7 game ban for biting Bakkal and more recently served a 10 game ban in England for biting Chelsea’s Ivanovic.
The problem may as well be psychological. To do such act of madness not once, not twice but three times says it all. If not and it is physical then fix his teeth, get him braces or new crowns to stop that urge of biting players.
At the moment, there are not many players better than Luis Suarez, and that is exactly the reason why it is sad for a player like him to be involved in so many controversies.
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  1. Ola Ayobami says:

    I am not unconvinced Suarez’s bitting problem could be spiritual. I urge him to get spiritual help.

  2. Aligba Godwin says:

    its a misnomer or rather strange character Suarez at possessed. Maybe he had smth with the Vampire kingdom for a successful carrier. His reactions after biting tells it comes uncontrollable. Mayb he shud speak out n 1 might help him. To me he is the best forward in the world. I love Suarez

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