Manchester United handed the Chance to Sign €61m Superstar

Arturo Vidal JuventusHow long are Manchester United going to take to sign a quality central midfielder for the squad next season.
It is evident that the Red Devils have a mediocre central midfield, one that proved to be a disaster last season.
Not just the end of last season, In fact since the start of last season, many top midfielders have been linked with a move to Old Trafford but for now none has arrived.
Fans want the likes of Fellaini and Cleverly out and world class players in but it is going to be real hard to sign top players without playing in Europe next season and United are suffering for exactly the same reason at the moment.
Nevertheless, the speculations continue in the media as always and according to reports, Manchester United have been handed the chance to sign one of the best midfielders around Arturo Vidal of Juventus.
Chilean international who is rated around €61m by the Serie A champions has been offered to Man United.
Vidal was heavily linked with the Red Devils last winter as well but it was hard luring him mid-season. It is going to be equally difficult signing him even now because European Champions Real Madrid are now also keen on hiring his services as per the provided link.
More the time Manchester United waste, lower the chances of signing top players will get. The fans are now getting desperate for new stars as rivals have already started securing deals.
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  1. Chris o says:

    Manu always dilly dally in advancing the course of getting a quality player because the team feel okay with the mediocres in the team. Tell me, what is the like of Welbeck, Young, Nani, Fletcher, Fellani and Smalling still doing in Manu, a team with a high pedigree such as manu? Is really appalling.

  2. Chris o says:

    Man united should not celebrate mediocrity. That’s another reason quality players are avoiding to join the team not just because they won’t be competing in Europe next season and i firmly hope that when Van Gaal arrive, he will transform the misfortune of the team.

  3. Red Devil says:

    The headline surely should read: How long are Manchester United going to take to sign anybody!!!
    United are linked with almost every player on the planet yet take an eternity to sign even 1 player and as we all saw last season, then sign the wrong one AND paid over the odds for him too!
    There is something about United that is not attractive to many players and the problem may lie with United always trying to buy the ‘impossible’ instead of those players who are not only available but also want to come to Old Trafford.
    So sort it Woodward and sign the right players before they have been sold elsewhere!

  4. RONALD MORO says:

    man u is almost signing no body this season because its link up with almost every big name players and un fortunately they cant even buy one or close to buying even one since the transfer window opens.

  5. CYRIL says:

    Biggest problem is woodward get rid of him first

  6. frank say says:

    I don’t think, the so called Woodward have know experience on how to bid for players, the question that come to mind, how long does it take to bid for player. with what this club suffer last season? if they really want to improved this season by now they should have sign 4 or 5 solid players, I think this is really frustrating we fans. who ever that’s in charge should do everything possible to get this players.

  7. pure says:

    why is everyone complaining about all these players we are being linked with and not signing. incase you may have forgotten we have LVG who is a very respected Manager. Wait till after the world cup you never know he could be bringing some classy dutchman with him. Clasie is very good, de virj will be a good signing, he has links with muller and we can sign all these brilliant players but remember its the world cup no one is wanting to push yet. just relax and stop whining

  8. NICHOLAS ONU says:

    I wonder when man utd will complete the buying of one quality player. This idea of always bding or about to launch bidding of a player and never buying will not help the club at all. I wonder if the club officials are serious about getting the club back to the normal enviable position. I hope they realize what they are doing becuase the time is fast running out. Up Man Utd.

  9. Gary says:

    If woodword has trouble signing players just look at who is on his list. If a player is on your list pay the buyout Clause and move on it is more detrimental to overpay by a couple $$ than to miss out on the players you need. We can’t miss out on champs league another yr. Pay attention to Liverpool and their struggles after missing out for a few yes. You become irrelevant. Don’t let Man U become irrelevant!!!

  10. Edu Chris says:

    Ed Woodward (Dead Woodward) sucks. Panic buy looms again.

  11. @gwens1356 says:

    Well guys, the truth is we ain’t gonna buy nobody. Thats the utd way in recent yrs. Just a reminder another fellaini is waiting on deadline day. Ed Woodward has mastered that art of signing a loser under pressure. Deadwood!!!

  12. Gabara says:

    Edward Woodward seems to be a good financial manager but not good for securing valuable players. It looks like he does not have the plan to work on. He is going to fail King Louis. He is indeed a Dead Wood. It is totally unreasonable to see Man United being beaten to the transfers by Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Tottenham, Real Madrid, Barca, Bayern, etc. Other football clubs should be made to panic when Man United bid for a player/s. Woodward should be put on the transfer list.

  13. Issei says:

    Get rid of Fletcher, Young, Cleverly, Fellanie even Rooney because he is passed it. Bring in world class players get your fucking finger out Mr Woodward.

  14. avi says:

    I still dont understand why man utd didn’t sign and still isn’t trying to sign a world class centre back. Even when they knew rio and vedic had reached ed their end and jones and evans han’t paired before the last season in furgeson era quite regularly. They at this time need benatia or mangala ,they dont need luke shaw yet they need to quickly sign a centre back. If udt had given moyes a pair of world class centre backs and a renowed midfielder even he would have
    good chance at title

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