Luis Suarez Deserves Fitting Farewell when he Departs Liverpool

Liverpool Luis Suarez MagicianLuis Suarez, the man who cannot stay away from controversies is also the man who is known to be a serial winner.
Liverpool supporters thought that perhaps his behavioral problems are fixed after the Ivanovic bite ban but sadly that was not the case.
After his latest antics at the World Cup and a hefty ban handed by Football’s governing body, many fans have turned against him again and want him out of Liverpool.
On the other hand, there are sets who want him to stay because he is way too important for the Anfield side.
He missed 5 opening league games last season and ended top scorer by some margin. He might miss 9 this time but still no one would count him out to finish top scorer again. Such is the quality of Luis Suarez.
Still, the links with Barcelona are growing and the Uruguayan international might be heading towards exit door as Liverpool look for different top targets.
No matter what wrong he has done, Luis Suarez deserves a fitting farewell from Liverpool for all the right reasons when he departs.
Some fans claim that his reputation has damaged the image of Liverpool but that is not true, because the brand/club is too big and historic to be dragged through mud by the acts of one or two players. United had Cantona but in the end success is all that mattered and all that what fans remember.
About embarrassment, think about how many times he has saved Liverpool from on-field embarrassment single-handedly as well. Without him, there would have been no title charge last season, and may be no CL qualification as well.
There is no direct replacement for Luis Suarez. You cannot really find a player who will run to win the ball in the very first minute and even in the final minute when his team is winning comfortably.
Liverpool fans should cherish one of the best players they have witnessed on Anfield while he is still there. He has given more joy than pain and more than anyone else, Luis is the one who has suffered.
When he leaves, Suarez must get all the respect he deserves.
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