€33m Star Ready to be Sold to Manchster United, One Change

Luke Shaw SouthamtonManchester United have been tracking Southampton full back Luke Shaw for a long time but still has not signed the England international.
According to various reports over the past few months, the €33m rated star has been close to joining United but the fans still wait for his arrival.
Now there has been latest twist in the transfer saga of Luke Shaw.
According to Daily Mail, Southampton are ready to sell Luke Shaw to Manchester United but there is one change i.e. Saints want to sign United striker Javier Hernandez as part of the deal.
Javier Hernandez is perhaps surplus to requirements at Old Trafford being rarely used by the Devils and mainly as a substitute.
In the presence of RvP, Welbeck Rooney and possibly a new forward signing, United should be ready to let Hernandez leaves who craves for first team football.
However, will Chicharito be interested in moving from United to Southampton, highly unlikely.
Top clubs will be interested in hiring the services of the Mexican forward who will star for his national side at the World Cup.
Manchester United must look to complete their deals as soon as possible. They have dragged the Luke Shaw deal for far too long and anything can happen after the World Cup.
With rival clubs already reinforcing their squads, United cannot afford to waste time as without CL football, signing top players can be real hard.
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  1. Ballo says:

    We need luke shaw at old trafford, pls LVG get him quickly

  2. Timinstinct says:

    Slow poison! Useless Ed Woodward! Knows nothing about transfers

  3. ben says:

    United should quit romours that dont anywhere..luk at Chelsea…they aim and buy..is the problem with Woodward or the board! They should have bought Shaw long ago…do u expect chicha to leave for south.ampton? United is boring each day

  4. johnny says:

    I think some United fans need to have a look at the bigger picture. To say that they should have got Shaw by now is arrogant. It has been mentioned that Chelsea want Shaw, Liverpool want Lallana – as do spurs and no end of other rumours. With the exception of Lambert being released to join Liverpool, the rest are staying until a new manager is in place. They are all contracted until the end of 2017 so it really isn’t a case of United calling the shots. Yes, I expect they will leave at some point on their current contracts but why is it assumed it will be now just because that suits Man United? It suits Southampton (those people that make the decision) to hang on to them for now. Once a new manager is in post then maybe – but equally maybe not. I would be tempted to look at the current Southampton squad until the January window and see how many points above Manchester United we are before off loading to a northern cities second team.

  5. J says:

    One thing you are all forgetting Southampton maybe dont want to sell him? They dont need the money Liebherr is worth 4 Billion quid!
    Why should we sell him to Manu U? He will play every week here and is loved by the fans…………
    At Man U only thing is a few more quid no garantees of winning anything next season the rest are improving .
    To that end 27 Million is a joke really …

  6. Proof Loriroof says:

    Am beginning to get fed up with “Manu is interested news”…We shouldn’t be blind to reality.We are just too slow and full of unecessary ceremonies on the market…seems we just lost out on Fabregas again if the rumours are true.It’s not impressive at all

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