Arsenal and Spurs Stars Wanted Samir Nasri Out of World Cup

France Giroud Nasri World Cup Play OffWell for once North London rivals Arsenal and Tottenham combined to come up with a mutual decision but is it a good one?
It has been reported in a new book published by two renowned journalists of France that Spurs star Hugo Lloris and Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny were among the stars who told French coach Deschamps to not take Samir Nasri to World Cup.
The Manchester City playmaker was arguably one of the best player for the citizens in their double winning campaign last term.
Yet his performances were ignored by the French manager and Nasri was not included in the 23 man World Cup squad.
France do not have that many top quality players in attacking lineup, then to drop one of your best stars was baffling.
Nevertheless, as per the book, apart from Koscielny and Lloris Bastia goalkeeper Mickael Landreau was also responsible for singling out Samir Nasri.
France were ousted in the group stages of the last World Cup in 2010. Although, their group is not that difficult this time around but still it will take a miracle for the French side to lift the World Cup again.
With Ribery also out of World Cup, France only have the likes of Griezmann, Valbuena and Remy as renowned attacking players but compare them to Spain, Brazil, Germany etc, France have no depth whatsoever.
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  1. Nderitu says:

    Nasri is a good player but his arrogance is deeper.Its wise he was left out,he would have brought disaster to the camp.

  2. Prince Joe says:

    It serves Nasir right for running mouth towards his incessant on arsenal club and its management because he has seen an oil money at his current club. He should remember that he was brought to England as a peasant village boy, but now he has grown wing more than the person who show him the way. France coach want to prove to him that he is at the helm of affairs. He should think and reverse his way of life.

  3. AussieGooner says:

    Tournament football is about more than good players as the coaches, kit men, fitness guys, managers, bus driver and players all need to live together harmoniously for up to a month. As a National Manager, you’re responsible for the whole National Team’s performance and if any one player is going to bring friction to the camp then he must be sacrificed. Nasri has a history, it’s just catching up with him, that’s all.

  4. Adewale Adeyemo says:

    The lad is rude, proud and like to forment trouble. I think he deserves to be left out so as to avoid chaos in the camp.

  5. Timsgr8 says:

    The writer mentioned three players or four out of 23 who are not comfortable with his presence, and perhaps there are more who didn’t voice out. What am trying 2 say here is that it is not the coach that is responsible for the shortage of french squad, it is the poor conduct of some players like Nasri, and ofcourse injuries to others like Frank. In a tournament like WC every plays.

  6. charles oneal says:

    It is a good decision for Deschamp to dump Samir Nasri out of France worldcup. Nasri is not a team player, he is too full of himself and may cause fury in the camp. His statements after he left arsenal for city was responsible for his shunning despite him being an exceptional player with the citizens. This is a lesson to all hypatic and ego players.

  7. Naz says:

    Give me some examples of poor behaviour at Mancheste City. I do not know one. There must be a problem, but it is not with Nasri

  8. Dave C says:

    There has not been one problem with Nasri at the Etihad in all the years he has been there. It seems to me that it is the pettiness and arrogance of others within the French set up that is causing the problem. A fine player who would have graced the WC but for the jealousy and misinformation spouted from those who have no idea,

  9. Philo says:

    Man city have just offered him a new 4 year contract,they wouldn’t of done this if he was a trouble causer in the camp,it sounds like sour grapes coming out of the gooners and spuds camp.

  10. Solf says:

    With Ribery also out of World Cup, France only have the likes of Griezmann, Valbuena and Remy as renowned attacking players but compare them to Spain, Brazil, Germany etc, France have no depth whatsoever.
    This is one of the most uninformed statements I have ever read about the French team. Has the author ever heard of players such as Benzema (Real Madrid), Giroud (Arsenal) or Matuidi (PSG) ?

    • To be precise, it is about the attacking midfield players cum wingers
      Spain – Silva, Mata, Fabregas,Cazorla,Pedro,Iniesta, Koke
      France – Griezmann Valbuena, Remy, Matuidi and that is all…No depth whatsoever and lets not even compare quality either. Leave the Spanish squad, by all means even Ribery and Nasri are better than majority of the lot mentioned in French squad.
      Benzema and Giroud are out and out strikers

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