Rooney will have to Inform Van Gaal if he Had Chips or Spaghetti

Rooney Manchester UnitedManchester United are set to announce Louis van Gaal as the next permanent manager sooner rather than later.
The Red Devils had a season to forget last time around under the management of David Moyes and will look to bounce back next season.
Van Gaal’s record as manager is one of the best in the world and his experience is priceless. However, according to Dutch football expert Marcel Van der Kraan, the Netherlands manager management style will be a new dose for Manchester United players.
Van der Kraan said that United players will have to inform about the smallest of things, even the dinner details. He claimed:

“I don’t think Wayne Rooney will be able to drink half a lager anywhere around Manchester without Van Gaal knowing, because he’d have to report what time he’d be in bed at night on his laptop.”
“He’d have to let him know whether he had spaghetti or chips for dinner, and if he had chips Van Gaal will be ready to meet him the next morning.”
“It sounds funny, but all the Dutch players in the international side are having to do this now in the build-up to the World Cup.”
“It’s almost like they have a daily blog, they have to report how they live. For Van Gaal it’s a very good guideline to see if he’s dealing with the right professionals.”
“He’s a very committed professional and he expects the same from his players.”

Nevertheless, his management style has been effective for the clubs he has worked for but Rooney may feel uncomfortable as he has always been treated special at United.
Already rumors are there that Van Gaal will make Robin van Persie as his captain for Red Devils and Rooney might not like it.
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  1. Paphie says:

    Rooney has to grow up

  2. Amos Etememesi says:

    Thats personal issues van Gaal should concentrate on his duties as a coach Rooney is a world class player should be treated well

  3. Sean Quinn says:

    Whats that suppose to mean Rooney has to grow up? Rooney is Utds leader the poor chap id say his back is broke from carring us all season 17 goals I think about 10 assist hes bein injured aswell played alota games basically in centre mid so what he got a huge contract messi just done the same thing ronaldo before he signed his new deal sick of hearing it lay off Rooney had he have gone to Chelsea or PSG 7th it couldve bein a whole lot worse!! #ROONEY’MUFC’LEGEND

  4. okoro says:

    Some comments are total distraction. All what a coach needs is result and also expects whoever he had selected to play to contribute positively to that result. It wouldn’t matter what he ate provided he had given you what you wanted. After all, they are professionals they know what is good for them.

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