Manchester United to Seal €33m Deal as Star Confirms Move

Luke Shaw SouthamtonThe transfer saga surrounding Southampton star Luke Shaw has been the hottest news in the media as far as Manchester United are concerned.
Red Devils are in for an exciting summer and the fans have desperately waited for the horror season to end and transfer activity to start.
It looks likely that the England international will be the first signing to arrive at Old Trafford as the English giants prepare the team for new season.
Few days back, it was reported that Manchester United are all set to seal €33m Deal for the teenage full back.
Now, the same media outlet has reported that Luke Shaw has himself confirmed to his team mates that he is going to sign for Man United.
The United faithful are already excited by the fact that their club is going to bring arguably the best left back in the premier league.
However, the deal is not yet completed, until it is for real. Although it will be a major shock if Shaw moves elsewhere, but if it does happen, United fans will surely be hugely disappointed.
Southampton will need to make major changes next season with both their star players Lallana and Shaw look set to move to new clubs.
Moreover, for worst, their talented manager Mauricio Pochettino is also likely to leave the club this summer.
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  1. Jimmy says:

    Let the deal be done so that we move to another target. We should act as fast as possible before world cup.

  2. Neil B says:

    Lets hope Luke sees sense and stays where he is.
    Why would saints want to do any business before the world cup when he will be worth a lot more after it

    • Don’t think he will be worth more after the World Cup. To think that Shaw will be 40m is insane. The price tag is already mammoth. Moreover, one can always get injured during the World Cup. Southampton fans should not hope against hope that Shaw will stay.

  3. walshy says:

    £30m is lot for an 18yr old, but if we get 10 yrs or so with him at Old Trafford it is money well spent !

    • Mugash says:

      Rio was bought @ 29.1M and he hast stayed in united for 12 years , what about Luke how many years will he stay if hes 18 ? its a Plus signing to UTD.

  4. daniel malinga says:

    United will sign shaw, hummels, vidal and / or strootman this summer along with mangala and barkley will come too. It would be stupid for any target not to come to man utd this summer because they will have a start all the time and because we will win the league again next season hopefully.

  5. Neil B says:

    Why was my comment edited? If your are going to leave half of it out dont bother with any of it

  6. Neil B says:

    Man U arent an upgrade on Saints anymore, may as well go and join Aston Villa

    • walshy says:

      Think you need to wake up & get your bowl of fruit- loops!!! The world and his wife know Man Utd will be back next season with the signings they will make! Your ignorance to that fact is truly astounding!

      • Neil B says:

        im Sure liverpool fans thought that in the 90’s. you’ve had turn now the big boys are taking over

  7. Nathan Justice says:

    Make team of:
    De Gea
    Rafael, Hummel, Jones, Shaw;
    Carvalho/Vidal, Strootman, Kroos;
    Mata, Van Persie, Rooney: 4-3-3 Formation.
    Fullbacks surges forward(rafael dropping little), carvalho/strootman playing an anchor role(slightly to the left, protecting shaw), Vidal/strootman playing box-box (slightly to the right, protecting mata), Kroos as CAM (slightly to the left), Mata-RS(dropping slightly to the midfield), Van Persie-CS, Rooney-LS.
    Mata, kroos and rooney interchanges wing.

    • Si says:

      Not bad but would much rather play kagawa, mata, januzaj and a striker (not Rooney) and play 2 world class cm behind (preferably Vidal and Kroos/strootman) in a 4-2-3-1. Tbh I am hoping Rooney goes in the summer and we bring in cavani to replace him. Otherwise buying cavani would make no sense. I would agree with your defensive lineup. If Rooney does stay then the van gaal and the new coaching staff are really going to need to work on Rooney’s positioning – Utd play better without him at the moment because he is often out of position (2 world class midfielders behind him that can win the ball would also help with this too). Need to get rid of fletcher, young, and a maybe a few others.

  8. Ty solarin says:

    Shaw is overrated, Coleman is so better

  9. Emmy James says:

    Let’s close the deal as soon as possible, then move to others. We got businesses in Turin, Rome, Alianz Arena, el Santiago Bernabeau to deal so, No Time!

  10. Williams says:

    Luke Shaw’s move to united will be of great happiness to me because man. utd really needs to strenghten thier defence. We also hope that matt hummels will be coming too and these two will replace Ferdinand and Vidic.

  11. Colin says:

    Shaw is a left back, Coleman is right. Also if Shaw was to come to united it would be to replace Evra not Vidic or Ferdinand

  12. ter says:

    another product of British hype
    £17m tops cuz of the ‘prospect’ & age…
    there are very better experienced left backs in Spain & Germany.
    for those comparing him to Rio, that’s sheer ignorance! Ferdinand has already had champions league experience & world cup also. he was tested & trusted; it was clear to a blind man that his football IQ is far beyond his peers in same position.

  13. philomen says:

    We have got left back but the real problem is replacing vidic and rio. United should act swiftly to fill that void

  14. naz says:

    Shaw is a great player he wil definitely suit man u.. we wil have the back line of youngstars.. shaw, jones, smalling, rafael…

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